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If you have been following my blog for a few months, I want to thank you for enjoying Sweet Southern Advice and I am thrilled you have decided to follow my daily take on life. Today, I feel the need to rant just a moment about lazy, inconsiderate people in our society who feel entitled to ‘special treatments’ and daily work the system to their advantage. So here goes…

Let me ask you three important questions:

1. How many of you have ever parked in a handicapped parking space just for a few minutes while you ran inside a store or waited on your spouse or kids to come out from a movie or the mall? If so, shame on you!

2. How many of you have actually parked in a handicap space without the proper sticker or tag just because there appeared to be a dozen empty handicap spots and a full parking lot. When making this stupid decision, you felt entitled since all the regular spots were full and it was an establishment where you felt that not many handicapped people would ever shop? If so, shame on you!

3. How many of you have ever driven a handicapped person’s vehicle that was properly identified with the legal tag, but the person was not in your vehicle and you chose to park in a handicap spot because you felt empowered from the sticker or hang tag, and entitled to park there? If so, you my friend are a lazy,inconsiderate, selfish person!

Every week I witness this unforgivable, lazy behavior. It makes me so angry, not because I am handicapped or needed the space for another handicapped person, but because it shows a lack of compassion to others — a societal trend that is out of control.

Senior Citizens with Canes

Handicap parking abuse is rampant across our country. And before you begin to judge who is handicapped and who is not…tread lightly. Here are some statistics for you to chew on while you sit in your car, parked in a handicapped space illegally…

  • More than 2.3 people worldwide are affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • More than 1.29 people in the US are diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have difficulty walking
  • At least 24% of our population is over the age of 65 which equates to 23 million seniors in the US with illnesses and disabilities that require special handicap services
  • It is reported that in the Afghanistan war, there were more than 50,000 American SoldierAmerican soldiers who were critically wounded and also reported in 2012 that there were over 3,000 soldiers who suffered amputations as a result of their sacrifice to our country…your country

Do I need to continue? I would think not. The above information is enough for healthy, legalized drivers to understand that it is not about them. Handicap parking is about those who are HANDICAPPED…men, women, caregivers of ill children, the elderly and our soldiers who have come home; all deserve to park their vehicle close to the door so they can enter a building safely!

Here is my Sweet Southern Advice:

1. If you are guilty of parking in a handicap parking space for any of the above reasons mentioned, I forgive you, however you must change your ways. Seriously, grow up and put yourself or someone you love in a handicapped statistic.

2. Preach this ignored law to your teenage drivers and practice what you preach. Our kids learn by example and will parent by example.

3. If you feel as passionately about this horrible trend as I do, then make a difference and report those who are illegally parking in handicap spots. It only takes a minute to write down their license number or take a picture of it with your smart phone, and report it to the business owner. If anything, it should embarrass the idiot who feels entitled to park where they shouldn’t.

Share this with someone you love…particularly the one who falls under the description of  a “lazy, inconsiderate, selfish person”!  They will thank you…later.





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