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One of the purposes of the blog, Sweet Southern Advice  (SSA) is to allow readers the opportunity to share a personal story and/or ask for advice.

It is important to stress that as a subscriber of SSA, it is a personal decision whether to make a public comment on any of the SSA pages. If a subscriber chooses to post, they are taking a risk that someone might recognize their profile name, email address or any of the events in their story.

In order to ensure that your identity is kept anonymous when writing a comment, please do not use your name, home town or the names of others in your family unless you choose to take a chance in revealing your identity.

Here are a couple of options that will allow you to “Ask for Advice”, but protect your identity:

Under the “Ask for Advice” tab:

Option 1: You may email me a private note asking for specific advice at which time I will respond to your request through a private email. Through this reply, I will obtain your permission to share your anonymous request as well as my response on the Sweet Southern Advice blog.
Contact email:
Option 2: You may share your request for advice in the comment section on any of the SSA pages, while keeping your identity and the details of your life anonymous.

Sweet Southern Advice Confidentiality Statement:

The purpose of this Confidentiality Statement is to remind Sweet Southern Advice (SSA) followers who choose to make a public comment on any page within the SSA blog that in order to protect their identity and the identities of those mentioned in their comments, they must refrain from publishing any personal information that will identify themselves or those they are trying to protect. The author of Sweet Southern Advice, Sherry Lloyd, will guarantee that she, personally, will not identify any person(s) who send in a letter asking for advice. All requests for advice will be kept anonymous.

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